Seajay 630 Vision with 150hp Yamaha
Seajay 630 Vision with 150hp Yamaha

REVEALED: Major HookUp prize is $85k classic fishing boat

BOYNE Tannum Hookup is going bigger and better than ever for its 25th anniversary.

This year, the family fishing competition will give away more than $40,000 in cash prizes - but it's the "true fishing boat" which is the catch of the day.

President Jennifer McGuire said the person who will take home the 630 Vision powered by 150hp Yamaha motor would be "absolutely delighted".

"It is decked out like a true fishing boat," Ms McGuire said.

She said the boat has lots of floor space, checker plating, and a huge, carpeted deck in the bow to give anglers the opportunity to get up high when casting a line.

"Whoever gets that boat should be really happy, they'll be kitted out to really fish," she said.

Ms McGuire said it was lovely seeing how much the competition had grown in the region.

"It was founded by local businesses in the area, because they wanted people to stay for that long weekend."

"Now it has developed to the point where we are working with all of the businesses and community groups in the region."

"It's taken 25 years to get it to this stage, as a committee we are really proud."

The competition will run from May 1 -3. There is an $90 entry fee, giving punters a one in 3000 chance of winning the prized boat.