TESTING TIMES: Blood will be collected at Bundaberg Hospital and results sent to GPs.
TESTING TIMES: Blood will be collected at Bundaberg Hospital and results sent to GPs. guapofreak

REVEALED: How to get your blood tested for PFAS

IF YOU have lived, worked or attended school in Svensson Heights for at least three month in the past you are eligible for a free PFAS blood test.

Queensland Health Today released an update including how residents can get their blood tested for the chemical after PFAS contamination in the suburb's water supply was revealed last week.

The area affected covers 60 streets and includes Norville State School, Bundaberg Special School and Gracehaven aged care facility, but not the Tom Quinn Community Centre or Norville Pool.

The contaminated bore has been switched off and water is being supplied from an unaffected aquifer.

PFAS has not been detected in any other Bundy water source.

The blood tests are voluntary and Queensland Health says it's important people are aware of the limitations of the testing.

A spokesman said testing was not being actively recommended because the result would not help GPs in understanding or diagnosing any medical conditions.

The test only has value in comparing your exposure to an Australian average - and based on preliminary information the department already thinks residents' exposure would have been higher than average.

The next step is completing a short questionnaire to help doctors assess your potential exposure to PFAS.

Click here for the questionnaire.

Queensland Health says the Wide Bay Public Health Unit will need to collate information and results from the Voluntary Blood Testing Program.

It says that will enable monitoring of the program and assessment of overall public health risk, and enable the unit to provide summary information to the community, without reference to any individual.

As with any other blood test, residents must go to their GP to discuss having the test.

The test for eligible people will be provided free by Queensland Health.

If you decide to have a blood test, the GP will then provide you with a laboratory blood test request form which the doctor should note "Public Health PFAS Investigation" to have your blood taken.

Testing is also available privately through your GP but is expensive - more than $500.

Even though doctors will be using a private lab request form, Queensland Health says people should not go a private lab collection centre - unless they want to pay for the test.

To have your blood sample done, you will need to visit the Pathology Department Collection Centre at Bundaberg Hospital on Bourbong St.

Take both the completed questionnaire and specially marked blood test request form to the hospital to have the test.

Both documents are needed so you are not charged.

The blood test results will be sent directly to GPs about two to three weeks from when the blood sample was taken.

When you visit your GP for the results, they will discuss what they may mean for you and how they compare with the general population.

Anyone concerned about their own health or that of family members should talk to their GP or call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84).

Click here for the State Government's Svensson Heights PFAS fact sheet.

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