Isis bowls and golf information



RESULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tuesday, June 23 - L. Ackroyd, M. Bolderson, K. Burton d R. Saunders, B. McKenzie, B. Cowan 31-14; G. Summer, B. Gibson d P. Mete, G. Daw 25-18; L. Grant, K. Vandermaal d D. Saunders, D. Jones 20-13.

Thursday, June 25 - Joe Formosa, N. Monkman, G. Daw d M. Green, J. Newton, D. Jones 22-12; Betsy, Joy Formosa, B. Cowan d Betsy, J. West, P. Mete 24-14.

Sunday, June 28 - J. Pascoe, L. Grant, P. Mete d J. Pascoe, G. Green, J. Carruthers 28-20; R. Dickenson, R. Linton, R. Zimitat d E. Dickenson, M. Green, B. Cowan 27-17.

Isis Ladies Results: Games played June 25 - Mixed Consistency Singles: C. Bolderson d B. McKenzie; P. Jackson d K. Vandermaal.

Games to be played today July 2 - Mixed Consistency Singles: G. Daw v M. Bolderson, marker K. Vandermaal; C. Bolderson v P. Jackson, marker B. McKenzie. Winner of G. Daw v M. Bolderson game will play R. Zimitat on Thursday July 16. Marker T.B.A.

Thursday, July 9 - Bowlers from the Golden Shores Social bowls club will join in with us for an afternoon of bowls starting at 1pm.

Sunday, July 12 - ICM Bowls Club visit us playing for the "Carruthers Shield" names in the book please, for both events.


RESULTS of games played at the Isis Central Mill Bowls Club:

Come and try bowls. It's great fun. Bowls supplied. New players welcome. Wednesday afternoon bowls start at noon. Names in by 11.30am. Afternoon tea. All players welcome.

Sunday afternoon bowls start at 1pm. Names in by 12.30pm. Afternoon tea. All players welcome.

Social bowls results Wednesday - S. Hennessey, J. Mills, E. Hartwig d B. Dougall, Nan, L. Hesse 17-16; C. Winter, B. Ryan , D. Hennessey d R. Phillips, B. Hesse, Macca 32-14.

Sunday - M. Wilkins, C. Winter d Nan, E. Crowe 25-14; B. Ryan, B. Rayner, E. Hartwig d B. Dougall, B. Wilkins, L. Hesse 28-14.

Competition Results - Mixed Singles: D. Johnson d S. Findlay 25-11; P. Duffy d D. Johnson 26-5; A. Manning d C. Winter 25-19; B. Ryan d A. Manning 25-21; B. Ryan d D. Fewquandie 25-21; Consistency - B. Findlay d D. Johnson 152-101. To contact the club, phone 4126 6126.

On July 12, ICM to visit Isis club for the Carruthers shield.


RESULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tuesday, June 23 - Ladies Social: J. Mitchell, S. Cameron, Y. Turner d C. Overall, A. Marshall, G. Morris 22-17; M. Smith, M. Ibbertson, P. Fraser-Aurisch d J. Houlett, J. Mewett, E. Anderson 22-12; A. Winzar, B. Moon, C. Firth d D. Nelson, M. Wilson, G. Newby 21-13; J. Barling, R. Gould, C. Crump d S. Ormerod, M. Watt, Y. Ellis 21-18.

Consistency Singles: K. Henderson d G. Lenz 152-118.

Ladies B-grade Pairs: J. Gibson, S. Loydell d A. Sleep, S. Weir 23-18.

Wednesday, June 24 - Men's Social: C. Quinton, T. Treichel, G. Haynes d J. Stephens, J. Harbourne, E. Soesman 24-6; G. Scott, C. Ormerod, I. Kirby d P. Walkington, R. Gould, C. Poulton 16-13; I. Bryant, G. Bishop, B. Gibson d L. Hayden, J. Darling, A. Campbell 23-15; R. Wechsel, G. Madsen, J. Johnson d W. Nelson, G. Ibbertson, G. Weir 19 all on ends won; N. Blair, K. Ellis, G. Summers d P. Mullins, K. Sleep, R. Henderson 22-15; L. Marshall, C. Ensbey, J. Horan d T. O'Shea, J. McDonald, S. Boundy 25-17; B. Wilson, K. Aurisch, R. Winzar d P. Williams, A. Griffiths, J. Daniels 25-7; T. Grebert, C. Howell d P. Nelson, R. Cauchi 29-18; O. Cook, J. Keiler, I. Crump d A. Morris, P. Blank, E. Cameron 19-18; G. Turner, C. Treacy, R. Bunn d Jesse, E. McCaffrey, P. West 23-19.

Thursday, June 25 - Jackpot Twilight Mixed Social Bowls: O. Cook, K. Mitchell, G. Poulton d M. Wall, L. Leary, I. Kirby 19-16; N. Blair, E. Anderson d C. Ormerod, J. Johnson 22-15; B. Wall, N. Ritchers, S. Boundy d J. Ritchers, D. Pitt, C. Firth 15-14; J. Brooks, M. Boundy, D. Leary d S. Ormerod, G. Morris, L. Watson 20-16; A. Sleep, K. Aurisch, M. Wilson d G. Lenz, Rhonda Gould, W. Nelson 21-13; P. Mullins, Rob Gould, A. Campbell d Z. Cook, K. Ellis, D. Ensbey 18-15; K. Sleep, E. Anderson, P. Fraser-Aurisch d J. Stephens, J. Kirby, B. MacDonald 21-12.

Friday, June 26 - Brian's Chook Run Pairs: N. Richters, G. Bishop, M. Strano d C. Ensbey, D. Leary, E. McCaffrey 21 all on ends won; R. Weir, R. Winzar d G. Madsen, B. Mann 29-23; E. Anderson, P. Anderson d N. Spillman, T. Spillman 31-11.

Saturday, June 27 - Mixed Jackpot Pairs: J. Horan, G. Summers d G. Bishop, B. Gibson 26-10; R. Wylie, K. Ellis d B. Jenkins, J. Evans 20-14; P. Mullins, T. Spillman d J. Stephens, C. Howell 32-22; N. Blair, A. Griffiths d E. Soesman, R. Henderson 24-15.

P. Fraser-Aurisch, K. Aurisch d K. Henderson, R. Bishop. 26-16; A. Campbell, C. Murphy d A. Moorcombe, I. Bryant 19-16; P. Blank, E. Cameron d G. Ibbertson, G. Weir 23-20.

Sunday, June 28 - Mixed Social: P. Walkington, K. Mitchell, I. Crump d J. Darling, A. Van Der Loos, R. Royan 17-14; K. Mitchell, J. Darling, E. Cameron d N. Loder, B. Moon, M. Van Der Loos 19-12; K. Ellis, W. Jenkins d E. Bell, A. Campbell 22-20; G. Lenz, R. Wylie, G. Bishop d S. Ormerod, S. Weir, Y. Ellis 34-8; G. Mewett, R. Bishop, I. Kirby d S. Alsop, J. Keller, C. Crump 18-12; O. Cook, J. Kirby, B. Dennehy d E. McCaffrey, C. Ormerod, S. Boundy 23-18; J. Brooks, M. Boundy, G. Poulton d J. Darling, S. Ormerod, W. Nelson 20-14.



MEMBERS played for the Men's Foursomes Championship in cool, breezy and shower threatening weather. As usual the round was followed by golfers recounting a large number of unfortunate moments.

In a very close contest Larry Pershouse partnered Damien Dowling to win the Championship with a gross score of 127 for the 27 holes, one clear of Peter Hrelja and Peter Steel, runners-up on a countback from Clinton Dowling and Ken Albion. Clinton and Ken managed to claim the best nett score with 107, with Neil Rieck and Mark McAulay runners-up on 110¾.

Clinton also won the A Division pinshots on 1&10 (10.5m) and 4&13 (0.93m - silver circle?), while Ken Albion (0.79m) took advantage of Clinton's drive on 1&10 to win the B Division approach. Brett Martell (5.25m) won the B Division pinshot on 4&13.

Many thanks to those who bought a plate and more to those who prepared the after-game snack so quickly.

This Saturday members play for the July Monthly Medal - that time of the month again.

Sorry, please bring a plate for an after-game snack - note the word snack.


CORALIE Volgyesi was today's winner of the Thursday's single stableford competition with 32 points, from Vicki Wyeth on 29 points. Nearest to the pin was Jennifer McKay.

Last week-end 9 members competed quite successfully in the Wide Bay District Open. Margaret Dennett won the 36 hole nett in Division 2.

Helen Ricciardi was the runner-up in the Division 2 gross event.

Joan Wright won the Division 3 gross for Sunday, with Robyn Robinson winning a pinshot as well. Both Margaret and Helen won rundowns during the Carnival.

Next Thursday, members compete for the Monthly Goblet in a stroke competition.

On Saturday members played in the Foursomes Championship, with the Championship being decided in a play-off, when two teams recorded 138 gross each.

Fiona Dowling and Vicki McAulay won on the second play-off hole to claim the Championship with Joan Kelly and Helen Ricciardi unfortunate runners-up.

Kerry Schnack and Vicki McAulay were nett winners with 107, from runners-up Joy Cartner and Margaret Dennett on 108½.

Cecily Fay and Sophie Martell (0.4m) won the approach on 1&10 and Helen Ricciardi and Joan Kelly (0.65m) on 4&13.

As mentioned in the Men's notes a big thankyou to all who bought a plate and to those who prepared the after-game snack.

This Saturday we play for the July Monthly Goblet. Please bring a plate for an after-game snack. See you there.


A LARGE field set off to play in the single stroke competition on a pleasant afternoon for the last day of June.

Larry Pershouse won A Division with 68 nett on a countback from Margaret Dennett, with Norm Plath third with 70 nett on a countback from Cynthia Draper.

In B Division Ken Albion recorded 71 nett to win from Ian McKay on 73, with Len Stallard third on 74.

Bill Cowan put his second shot in the hole to win both approaches on 1&10 and 4&13, with Robyn Robinson (0.43m) claiming the ladies' approach on 6&15.

Marg Dennett again led the Chook Run winners with 29 nett from Norm Plath on 31, Ray Walker (32), Ken Albion, Cynthia Draper, Len Stallard and Mark Burton (33).

This coming Tuesday members have chosen a single stableford competition for the competition in a close vote with versus par as a choice. See you there for the noon hit-off.


A FINE but dewy morning greeted the 26 players who fronted last Sunday for a Single Stableford and the last game to claim the Golden Circle Prize for this quarter. One of the members said hitting the ball and watching it roll through the grass with a rooster tail of water reminded him of speed boats on the river.

The winners and grinners for today: 1st - Marg Dennett -20 points - losing 2.3 off her handicap; 2nd - Rose Cochrane - 19 points - Losing 1.4; 3rd - Ross Nicols -19 points - losing 0.8.

The B-grade Approach on the 1st was won by Ross Nicols, our newest member and welcome to the club, the A-grade Longest Drive was won by Terry Smallman with Hoss Eberl taking out the B-grade Longest Drive. Col Dennett took out the Nearest the Pin on the 6th and last but certainly not least was Scotty White winning this quarter's Golden Circle.

Next week it's Mug Day, but this time we will play a Stroke and Putt over the Back Nine for a change.

Club shirts will be purchased this week for those new members who have played 10 games with the Social Club and hopefully we will have them ASAP.

Have a great week and see you all on next Sunday.

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