Resident lost thousands to alleged phone company employee

A CLERMONT senior citizen has lost thousands after being socially engineered by an alleged Telstra employee.

The 'Telstra' caller revealed accurate and personal information linked to the victims landline provider and also her personal banking details and Centrelink information, police said.  

She was informed that the organisation providing her landline service was folding and to allow her service to continue and be uninterrupted she would need to transfer funds to a solicitors business account.  

The solicitor, acting on her behalf, would finalise contracts and draw up new ones.

Bank account details linked to a South Australian account were provided for her to transfer the money into.  The funds were transferred as requested.

Enquiries made after the event showed that the information provided by the caller was not truthful.  Her land-line provider was not folding, the solicitors details were malicious and the money gone.

Cyber-criminals will often research their targets, gaining information from your computer systems often after you have been successfully "phished" or hacked.  

Targeting the person instead of the technology by combining factual information with a well thought out scam is often rewarding for the criminals.

Never hand over your hard earned cash based on a phone call such as this.  

A.C.O.R.N. (the Australian Cybercrime On-line Reporting Network) was advised of this incident.  

If you were to receive a call of a similar nature, we ask you to do the same here.

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