Research looks into helping us age well

UNIVERSITY of Queensland researchers have conducted studies in Ipswich and the Gold Coast to investigate how seniors can keep informed about services and opportunities that are available to help them age well.

The recently completed study found that many older people were unaware of the full range of programs and services available within their communities.

Project officer Dr Jo-Anne Everingham from the Australasian Centre on Ageing said this problem was particularly common among seniors who had poor education, low income, spoke little English, had limited social networks, or poor health. She said that while there were many information sources available in the community, some seniors were unable to find what they needed amongst the maze.

“Access to the right information at the right time can make all the difference to whether people get the help and support they need. Information services that work are vital in helping people to age well,” Dr Everingham said.

“People get caught up in the maze of information and sometimes they simply can't find what they need, so they miss out. This research shows we need an information system that places the needs of seniors first and helps them navigate information.”

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