A proposed vehicle depot has some Woodgate residents worried

WOODGATE community members are concerned the sound of casuarina trees rustling amid a light see breeze and waves crashing on the sand will soon be drowned out by metal grinders and nail guns if an application for light industry is approved beside their homes.

The Bundaberg Regional Council is currently considering a material change of use application for a vehicle depot at an Acacia St, Woodgate address from Wayne and Robin Thompson of Duz Me Constructions.

But community members claim Mr Thompson plans to do much more than store his vehicles on the residential land and say he's already been using the land as a construction workshop.

Mr Thompson's application to the Bundaberg Regional Council for a vehicle depot came after he was investigated by the council following multiple complaints from the community over what the council said were alleged storage of vehicle trailers and equipment on his residential land.

In its investigation, the council found the equipment was associated with the Thompson's building company and said it must be removed from the land of they would be issued with a show cause notice.

Woodgate divisional representative Tony Ricciardi said Mr Thompson then moved the equipment out onto the street and off his residentially A zoned property.

"He parked it all out on the street and we got complaints coming in about this gear parked out the front of people's houses," Cr Ricciardi said.

"Legally he can park it on the footpath if it's registered."

"(now) we've got no-where for him to store his machinery and it's not that much."

But Glen Bartlett who lives on Beech Crt near Mr Thompson said a vehicle depot was a far cry from what Mr Thompson had been doing on his land.

"It would be different if it was just a garage but it won't be because we've been through all of this before, he uses it as a construction workshop, that's what we're up against," Mr Bartlett said.

"Noise comes from his present shed, he does grinding, hammering, welding, it's not a depot, it is an industrial workshop."

The concerned community member said he wasn't against industry and business in the town but said there was appropriate places for it and a residential A area abutting homes was not one.

Cr Ricciardi said even if Mr Thompson's application was approved, the material change of the use to light industry for heavy vehicle storage would only be in place until Mr Thompson sold his business or ceased operating.

"The man's 60, he reckons he'll be retiring in five years," he said.

Cr Ricciardi said if Mr Thompson's business changed hands, the land still would revert back to residential A.

He advised if Mr Bartlett had any concerns the land was being used for use other than a vehicle depot, he should contact the council.

"If he does do what Mr Barlett said he thinks he's going to do, Mr Barlett can put a complaint in and our compliance team will soon put a stop to it," Cr Ricciardi said.

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