Reptile business has developed a course

COMING across a snake while working can be scary, disruptive and potentially incredibly dangerous.

But a new course run by Gin Gin's Radical Reptiles aims to change all that.

The reptile business has developed a course which would ensure a safe environment for both the employee and a snake when one of the deadly animals was found in a workplace.

Radical Reptiles owner Wendy Williams said the course had recently been certified under the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

"Snake awareness and snake safety has been an ignored part of occupational safety," she said.

Ms Williams said the business had developed the course after a number of their clients had requested a certified course in order to give their employees snake training.

"They are going to learn basic identification, they are to look at biodiversity," she said.

"(They are going to learn) how to reduce snakes in highly populated areas and first-aid identification for venom affects."

Ms Williams said the course would teach participants what to look for after an attack so they could tell ambulance staff what had happened.

She said it was hoped the course would also increase productivity.

"(After the course) they are not scared or startled to see a snake and know how to react," Ms Williams said.

The cost the course is about $250 per person with a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 20

"The cost is not really that high when you consider what you are getting," Ms Williams said.

Radical Reptiles was waiting for paperwork to come back to list the course as a registered training organisation.

But, Ms Williams said, as the course was accredited, graduates could receive a certificate once the business was listed as a training organisation.

Each course runs for about four hours, meaning Radical Reptiles can run two courses a day.

Visit the site www.radical or call 41572948.

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