Report shows Gladstone projects total $91b

THE latest data and economic business findings of GAPDL's Gladstone Region Project Status Report have been released, with a total project value of more than $91 billion.

The report is a key research tool for regional business, industry, tourism, rural and prospective investors, providing a snapshot of the region's current and future development status.

GAPDL chief executive Glenn Churchill said the report showed the state of play of current, planned and anticipated growth within the region.

The report includes all types of projects from major industry, infrastructure, and residential and community.

GAPDL then tracks each project by their status.

High on the expenditure scale are the three multi-billion-dollar LNG plants, which collectively are valued at more than $60 billion.

Other significant projects include the WICET coal terminal, which is nearing stage one completion, the rail corridor to service WICET, and a number of residential developments that will incorporate thousands of new homes and community facilities.

Of the $91 billion, $69.23 billion is involved in projects under construction, $14.33 billion is under study, $4.13 billion is committed and $3.69 billion is completed.


  • APLNG $24.7b
  • QCLNG $20.4b
  • GLNG $18.5b
  • Gladstone Pacific Nickel $3.65b
  • WICET $2.5b
  • Tenement to terminal $2.2b
  • Riverstone Rise $1.4b

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