Heavy rains have caused the Gin Gin Creek to flood, trapping plenty of Duckpond Road residents.
Heavy rains have caused the Gin Gin Creek to flood, trapping plenty of Duckpond Road residents. MICHELLE MARSH

Relief for Gaeta fire victims

VICTIMS of the Gaeta fires are rising from the ashes thanks to eight inches of rain in the past week.

Gaeta grazier Hazle Marland said the rain was the first step on the road to recovery.

“We are starting to move forward now,” she said.

“Things won’t be back right for around two or three years, but this rain is definitely a start.”

Mrs Marland’s property is home to about 1000 head of cattle who have needed to be hand fed several times a week since the vicious blazes in October.

“We had quite a battle to keep them all afloat, but it is getting quite green now and they are enjoying the grass,” she said.

“The cattle must be so relieved. It’s just lovely to see the calves frolicking around.”

Gaeta View owner Bill Roffey, who lost around 9000 acres to the blaze, said his property was on the mend.

“Everything is looking much better,” he said.

“We won’t have to hand feed anymore which is good.”

Mr Roffey said the rain was a sign of hope for many graziers in the area.

“Rain like that gives you some heart back again,” he said.

Gaeta wildlife carer Joh Ponton said the rain had done wonders for the wildlife.

“This rain has been a godsend. I don’t know what we would have done without it,” she said.

“It’s just lovely to see birds and wallabies and kangaroos coming back. The rain has brought them some food.”

The rain has brought plenty of other surprises, however, with Duckpond Road residents waking up to flooded creeks on Monday morning, leaving half of the road’s occupants trapped between two overflowing creeks.

David and Michelle Marsh were just two people who were more than happy to be stuck at home.

“It is definitely worth it to see all of this lovely rain,” Mrs Marsh said.

“We came back from holidays and were surprised to find everything so green. It was brown when we left.”

The Gin Gin Creek level was at 80cms at 11am yesterday, with rain continuing throughout the day.

“Last year was the first year since we moved here 14 years ago that the creek didn’t flood,” Mrs Marsh said.

“It has been so dry, I didn’t think it was going to flood ever again.”

Mr Marsh said the heavy rain had filled plenty of water tanks.

“We can’t catch another drop; every tank is full,” he said.

“If the rain stops now it should take about 24 hours for the creek to go down.”

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