Rego stickers: will your old one get you fined? Maybe

AFTER much confusion and misinformation about whether out-of-date rego stickers on your windows could still get you fined in the new stickerless system, we now have an answer everyone can agree on. 

Will an sticker on your vehicle earn you a fine? Maybe... depending on your vehicle. 

READ MORE: How did the confusion arise? 

Queensland Police are now echoing the legislation as it appears on the Department of Main Roads and Transport's website.

Anything labelled a category 2 vehicle, other than a conditionally registered or special purpose category 2 vehicle, must take a registration label off the vehicle and destroy it.

A category 2 is any 'vehicle with a GVM, GCM or ATM of more than 4.5 tonne.'  In plain english, if your vehicle weighs more than 4.5 tonne you need to take the sticker off once it expires. 

However for regular car and motorcycle drivers, you can leave your old sticker on for all eternity and not be fined (provided your rego is actually still up to date). 

Other vehicles that do not need to worry about those pesky old stickers are light trailers, light caravans, light buses, motorised wheelchairs, light commercial vehicles, conditionall registered vehicles, dealer/trader plates and special purpose vehicles. 

Heavy vehicles (over 4.5t grosse) and recreational boats will still need to display registration labels. 


Where did the rego sticker misinformation start?

A press release sent out by myPolice Maryborough earlier this month instructed that drivers could still be fined for failing to remove expired registration stickers on a vehicle.

The release said that although new stickers were no longer being sent out, it was still a fineable offence to leave old stickers on a vehicle.

However soon after a press release from the Bundaberg police contradicted the information given by the Maryborough branch, leaving drivers (and journalists) in a state of confusion.

Eager to clear up any uncertainty, APN went straight to the source, contacting Queensland Police Media for clarification.

A spokesman from Queensland Police Media confirmed that it was still an offence to have expired registration stickers on a vehicle (see above).

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