BUSHWALK: A trip to the top of Mt Walsh should be on the list for all nature lovers.
BUSHWALK: A trip to the top of Mt Walsh should be on the list for all nature lovers. Moira Thompson

REGION'S BEST BITS: One for the nature lovers

TWO feet and a heartbeat.

If you're looking to head outdoors and enjoy the various landscapes this region has to offer there's no better time than the present.

The Bundaberg and North Burnett regions are rich with national parks and various other locations to explore at their grass roots and who better to walk it with than the Bundaberg Bushwalking Club.

President of the club, Darryl Bell said there were plenty of places to venture and winter was the best time to do so.

"There are some beautiful places around the region and we cater to everyone,” he said.

"We have easy beach walks and nature walks like the Sharon Gorge Nature Walk, Mon Repos Nature Walk and Meadowvale Nature Walk.

"Then we head out to the likes of Mt Perry and to Biggenden for the hard tracks.”

Cania Gorge
Cania Gorge contributed Mike Knott

Mr Bell said he recommended joining the club for the non-labelled and hard walks around the region for access to various places and for safety.

"We have GPS trackers, first aid, experience, knowledge of the area and personal locators in case someone gets hurt.”

Mr Bell said the club was definitely about having fun and socialising.

"It's great, the club is really run by the members,” he said.

"We have a lot of fun and everyone is very like-minded and loves exploring the outdoors.

"We go wherever there is enough interest for the members, if there's interest we can do overnight walks where we camp and use that as a base.

"There are some harder walks that we go on.”

Visit the Auburn River National Parks for the best views in Queensland.
Visit the Auburn River National Parks for the best views in Queensland. Philippe Coquerand

For himself, Mr Bell said it was what he saw along each trip that kept him exploring on-foot.

From "secret gardens” to caves, waterfalls, rockpools, mountains, beachscapes and wildlife, there's a little something for every outdoors enthusiast or photographer.

"It's the things that you find,” he said.

"Waterfalls, rockpools, wildlife and there is a bit of four-wheel driving which is always fun.”

Mr Bell said he had been part of the Bundaberg Bushwalking Club for the past five years, but had been exploring national parks with his wife for about 15 years.

Mr Bell said the club usually had a recommended what to bring on each walk on their website, but generally attire was based on the location.

When taking on the more advanced walks, they recommend good hiking boots, long pants and long-sleeved shirts for clothing.

In your pack, some food, a basic first aid kit and at least 2L of water is advised by the club.

Utopia Fall, Mt Walsh NP Biggenden
Utopia Fall, Mt Walsh NP Biggenden Dael Giddins

Mr Bell said there was no age limit for the club, rather fitness levels were used to determine whether one could go on the walk or not.

"Age doesn't really matter, walks are based on fitness,” he said.

"We had one lady a few years ago do Mt Walsh and she was 85 years old - she's still a member of the club and does the easier walks now.

"We don't have a lot of kids, but there is one family that comes along with their kids.”

National and regional parks in the Bundaberg and North Burnett include:

  • Mount Walsh National Park
  • Cania Gorge National Park
  • Auburn River National Park
  • Coalstoun Lakes National Park
  • Cordalba State Forest
  • Woowoonga National Park
  • Russo Park
  • Meadowvale Nature Park
  • Woodgate Banksia Walking Track
  • Deepwater National Park

For more club details visit their Facebook page or www.bundabergbushwalkers.com

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