Region owes govt $10.2m

THE more than $10.2 million in fines and debts owed to the Queensland Government confirms the State Government is "soft on crime" and "lazy", according to Member for Bundaberg Jack Dempsey.

The Bundaberg region started 2012 in debt with more than $10.2 million in fines owed to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER).

Bundaberg alone has amassed a whopping $7.8 million SPER debt between just more than 6950 people who live in the 4670 postcode.

Figures, released by SPER, show each person fined in just the 4670 postcode, owe, on average, about $1120 to the body.

But across the region more than $10,266,700 is owed.

Gin Gin had amassed the next highest amount in fines with more than $563,508 owing between 370 people.

Those fines added up to more than $1520 per person.

Childers was the next hardest hit with fines with $536,703.97 owing to SPER by 449 or $1195 per person.

Lowmead was the best-behaved area with just nine people owing money to the government's fine collection agency.

But those nine people managed to rack up more than $1880 each in fines with a total amount owing of $16,953.

In total Queenslanders owe more than half a billion in unpaid debts and fines.

Mr Dempsey said the failure to recoup the debts was a disgrace.

"It just goes to show that Labor is soft on crime," he said.

"They are too lazy in the recovery and having proper enforcements on the crimes."

Mr Dempsey said the money which was owed could have been used in the community.

"It's millions that could go into local projects such as parks which make where we live even better," he said.

The former police officer said the fact the State Government had allowed the debts to grow to such a huge amount showed a lack of support for police.

"If you do the crime, you do the time and you pay the fine," he said.

Mr Dempsey said the huge debts also did not meet the community's expectations regarding punishment for crimes.



Biggenden, 4621 - $146,221

Gayndah, 4625 - $226,627

Mundubbera, 4626 - $204,703

Eidsvold, 4627 - $127,277

Monto, 4630 - $115,159

Childers, 4660 - $536,703

Bundaberg, 4670 - $7,808,539

Gin Gin, 4671 - $563,508

Yandaran, 4673 - $20, 262

Baffle Creek, 4674 - $170,355

Lowmead, 4676 - $16,953

Agnes Water, 4677 - $330,438

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