Authorised by Liz Zussino, not Leo.
Authorised by Liz Zussino, not Leo. Christopher Chan

Stickers raise eyebrows while ALP signs go missing in Flynn


FLYNN voters may have thought they had caught a glimpse of life after the Gladstone Ports Corporation for Leo Zussino last week, after stickers supporting ALP candidate Chris Trevor appeared, bearing the authorisation of L. Zussino.

Maybe not surprising, given Mr Zussino is a life-member of the Labor Party, and with his current role as GPC chief coming to an end this month.

But he told the Observer on Monday he was never asked to authorise any stickers, and he was quite right - in actual fact it was his wife Liz Zussino who gave the stamp of approval, according to Mr Trevor.

It follows the confusion over whether Gladstone region councillor Matt Burnett was working as Mr Trevor's campaign manager.

For the record, Mr Trevor's campaign manager is Darrell Main, who has been seen with Mr Trevor at all his announcements and other campaign-related functions.

Incumbent MP Ken O'Dowd said it wasn't unusual but then again, "not all people support Leo and not all people support Kevin Rudd".

"We always knew Leo was of that persuasion but he had to curb (his political leanings) while he was CEO of the port authority but now he's a free man," he said.

Mr Trevor suggested the concern over who authorises campaign material, and another issue he has recently had with campaign signs going missing, was just a smokescreen for the LNP.

"It can only be driven by political motivation," he said.

He said he could ask anyone he liked to authorise material but at the end of the day the election was about delivering for the community.

"Matt argued his case to me for those projects, so I asked whether he wanted to authorise those because he helped get them up," he said.

"Those are projects that council lobbied me for and I worked closely with all of the councillors to deliver those projects to Gladstone.

"The only reason he's being picked on is because of the colours he proudly wears."

Mr Trevor said councillors were entitled to be card-carrying members of political parties as well as holding down a day job outside of council.

Mr Trevor was also disgusted that his campaign signs keep "mysteriously disappearing".

"They're expensive and (the costs are) ... coming out of my pocket."

Want to know what the Federal Election means for Flynn? You can find a comprehensive guide to the seat of Flynn here.


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Candidates for Flynn

  • Ken O'Dowd, Liberal National Party
  • Chris Trevor, Australian Labor Party
  • Steve Ensby, Palmer United Party
  • Duncan Scott, Independent
  • Richard Love, Katter's Australian Party
  • Serena Thompson, Australian Greens
  • Renae Moldre, Family First Party
  • Kinglsey Dickins, Rise Up Australia Party
  • Craig Tomsett, Independent

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