Hearty reason to celebrate

BUNDABERG man John Bishop had plenty to celebrate on World Heart Day Tuesday, which was the anniversary of his second heart attack.

Mr Bishop suffered his first heart attack 12 years ago after a road accident in New South Wales.

The second attack took place in Bundaberg after a near miss with a young pedestrian who was playing a dangerous game of chicken.

“The saying 'scared to death' rings true with me because while the symptoms were completely different, each time the doctors believe they were the result of severe stress,” Mr Bishop said.

Following his second heart attack, the 61-year-old took part in the Bundaberg Hospital's Heart Failure Management Program which includes a 12-week exercise scheme.

Before he commenced the program, Mr Bishop had just 35 per cent ejection fraction (how well the heart is pumping) which increased to 40% as a result of the program.

“There has definitely been noticeable improvement since taking part in the program and I'm still exercising at home,” Mr Bishop said.

He attended the Bundaberg World Heart Day celebrations to help highlight the prevalence of heart disease.

The day is set aside to educate the public on issues relating to heart diseases and stroke and ways to prevent it.

This year's celebration has as its theme, Work With The Heart, which focuses on a healthy heart at the work place.

Heart disease and stroke are reported to be the leading causes of death worldwide.

Bundaberg Hospital works hard to help sufferers of heart disease with their Heart Failure Management and Cardiac Rehabilitation programs.

Heart failure management program nurse unit manager Karen Fox said the clinic had many benefits, in particular saving travel time for patients and specialists.

“In the past, people with heart failure have been told not to exercise, however this course enables them to get back into an exercise program to help them improve their functional capacity,” Ms Fox said.

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