READERS: Is the toilet door the most useless gadget?

YESTERDAY afternoon, for a bit of Sunday afternoon light-hearted entertainment, The Bulletin asked readers via Facebook what was their most useless gadgets were.

Some answers were LOL material, others made you feel empathic towards the poster, and others simply made you nod and smile.

  • Kobe Barrett - Toilet door - kids never shut it, and when I'm in there they are always opening it to talk to me
  • Kirsten Lillypad - Husband- before I gave him away.
  • Albie Davis - A keyboard for my tablet. Never use it.
  • Allison Powell - Nothing I only buy what I need to use. I refuse to have excess materialistic purchases in my home.
  • Karyn Battersby - Where to start? Prawn peeler, garlic crusher....
  • Gloria Carige - Too many to tell
  • Michelle Wheeler - Hot dog maker..
  • Kathy Hall - My husband
  • Rhonda Horsten - I recently bought a steam mop for $350, what a waste of money
  • Albie Davis - That's why I bought a cheap $80 one from Woolies. I do use it, about once every 6 months tho.
  • Debbie Bryant - Thanks for this I was thinking of buying one. Now I won't.
  • Nathan Morrison - My $900 soundbar... Its nice and loud but I never use it...
  • Karen Bryant - Cheque book and savings account
  • Shona Carvosso - My can opener .. Never opens lol
  • Megan Cosgrove - For all those with useless can openers, get a Kleva one. Best can opener ever
  • Kimberly Dunbar - My can opener, that doesn't actually open cans, but does open bottles.
  • Megan Brown - Fondue set lol
  • Tony Taylor - laptop
  • Wayne Turner - Wide screen TV
  • Andy Latimer - My Video player, don't even know why I have it I got no videos
  • Megan Cosgrove - I just threw boxes and boxes of videos to the dump smile emoticon
  • Tara Philippi - My iPad... My iPhone does just the same and more, so the iPad never gets used.
  • Joy Kliese - sooo many to choose from.
  • Shell Vitali - Optus mobile phone
  • Isabella Giselle - Husband and his family

RANDOM QUESTION: What is the most useless gadget you own?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Saturday, 20 June 2015

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