Readers share their remedies

THE NewsMail asked its Facebook friends if their allergy symptoms had shown up and what their best remedy was.

"Just take antihistamines before I go to bed," Dawn Steinberger said.

"Watering the grass, Josh Watson said.

"Not just hay fever, colds and flus have been shocking this year along with other allergies as well. I usually take allergy meds for part of the year but have been stuck on them for 12 months solid now," Phillip Weight said.

"Steam in the shower was all that helped me," Angela Bauer said.

But some have been lucky to escape without a care in the world.

"(I) just remarked that we haven't had any problems with sinus this year and can't work out why. Only thing we have changed is the house is now dairy-free due to a child's allergies," Lisa-Marie Gallwey said.

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