Readers share funniest, cutest white lies told to kids

  • That when the ice cream trucks plays music it's means they've run out of ice-cream.

Josh Rice 


  • Told mine " its not my fault we can't buy white potato anymore" cause I added pumpkin when mashing.

Shana Williams 

  • I had both my sons convinced that I could read their minds and that's how I knew when they had been naughty. Really freaked them out.

Fiona Greenhalgh 

  • I have special mum ESP and I knew what they were doing in the kitchen when I was on the couch (reflection on the TV screen was great ).

Colleen Dwyer 

  • I use to tell my kids that we picked out toys and gave them to the shop lady (lay-by counter) so that the shop lady could show Santa what toys they were hoping to get for Christmas.

Leanne Moore 

What are the best white lies you've told your kids?

Posted by NewsMail on Sunday, 10 May 2015
  • I told my son that if he skipped the page in Where's Wally because he couldn't find him the book would explode. My son didnt believe me and proceeded to turn the page and I shouted as loud as I could "BANG". Lol he jumped so high was hilarious!

Sarah Spence 


  • I told a freind's three-year-old that water is super mega awesome tap juice and he now loves to drink it.

Steph Martin 


  • She's only 2, so the biggest lie I've told is the car is broken so i didn't have to go anywhere!

Tamea Gill 


  • That I already knew what they had been up to and it was in their best interests to tell me in their words what they have done. I found out so much with that line.

Sharon Davies 

  • Cutting the teet off their dummies and telling them the dog chewed it. They believed me and it was the easiest way to wean them off the darn things!

Tahni Maree Woods 


  • My daughter clung onto her dummy just to sleep at night. I told her the fairies needed them for sick babies and she gave them to me and never asked for them again.

Heather Beddie 

  • Not a white lie I have told, but one that was told to me. When I was younger, my Nan told me that I could text heaven to send messages to my great Nanna.

Leisa Johnston 


  • I tell my girls not to kiss boys at school otherwise they will get babies, also one Christmas I told my kids all adults had Santa's phone number just in case little girls and boys played up too much. Made shopping with four kids easier that year. I also do the I am your mum so I know everything you do routine.

Cheralla Antrobus 



  • If you pick your nose your head will cave in.

Marie Mulcahy Mumford


  • If you pick at your belly button you'll pop and go down like a balloon was one I was told as a kid.

Irene Dean 

  • My mum told me I'd get square eyes if I watch too much TV.

Vashti Jane Brown 


  • I said to my daughter if she ate carrots she would be able to see in the dark as rabbits eat carrots and they can see at night out in the wild. Till this day she still doesn't eat them.

Kylie OShea 


  • To get my daughter to give up the bottle around the age of 2 roughly, I told her that the garbage truck man's wife was having a baby and the baby needed bottles so she out the bottles in the bin and never looked back.

Steph Cormack 


  • When my children were little I used to sneak into their rooms at night Easter Saturday and place some Easter goodies on the end of their beds. One Easter my eldest daughter partly woke while I was doing this. Not fully but enough that in the morning she insisted she saw the Easter Bunny leaving the goodies. To this day at 30 years old she still believes this. I never broke that magical spell and told her it was me.

Tracey Shepherd 


  • Angry monkeys live in the trees in the rainforests and the likes along 4x4 tracks just to keep their hands and heads inside the car and so they didn't ask to stop every 5 seconds to look at thinks

Krista Grietje 


  • I told my sons that a kid vomited in the car ride $2 machine at Sugarland. Never asked to go on it again.

Debra Shinners 


  • That they're hair will turn curly if they ate their crusts (off their bread). It worked until my youngest son grew curls and he didn't eat his crusts. 

Kris Nelson 

  • My Pop told me that he used to go fishing with Colonel Sanders and knew the 11 secret herbs and spices. I tried so hard to get it out of him but he said if he told me, then it wouldn't be a secret any more.

Jilly Findlater 

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