Rare wildlife on display in Bundy

Martin Fingland from Geckoes Wildlife introduces an endangered Potoroo to Hamish Haase.
Martin Fingland from Geckoes Wildlife introduces an endangered Potoroo to Hamish Haase. Max Fleet

A SPOTTED-TAILED quoll, a sugar glider with baby and a black cockatoo were the centre of attention at the Burnett Mary Regional Group's threatened wildlife workshop at the Bundaberg Civic Centre on Saturday.

The workshop showed off about 20 native animals from the region which are threatened or endangered, and need help to survive.

“We wanted to raise awareness about the sort of endangered species we have in our area and what can be done to help them,” BMRG regional liaison officer Rachael Nasplezes said.

“We talked about some of the threats to the species. For example, sugar gliders have declined rapidly because they need hollow trees to nest in and they are just disappearing from the region.

“People need to be aware that we need to maintain these old, dead trees so that animals like the sugar glider can survive.”

The workshop was hosted by Geckoes Wildlife presenter Martin Fingland, who brought the animals with him.

“Martin has made a special trip to Bundaberg to showcase a large selection of our beautiful native wildlife, including some that many people don't get a chance to see in their lifetime.

“This workshop allowed people to see species such as the endangered spotted-tailed quoll and Mary River Turtle up close,” Ms Nasplezes said.

Ms Nasplezes said about 30 people came to learn more Bundaberg's native species.

“We got some international backpackers and a few local residents with kids,” she said.

“The backpackers who came in were rapt in being able to hold the animals that were on display there.”

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