Rape trial continues

A MAN accused of raping his wife told a court he was too drunk to remember the incident and was “shocked” at her allegation.

In an interview with police that was played to Bundaberg District Court, the 37-year-old Burnett Heads man admitted things had not been “very friendly” at home and he and his wife had been having marital problems for some time.

The man, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge, spoke to police on January 7, 2009, the day after the alleged rape.

“We’ve been up and down like a yo-yo for many years — we’ve been having our problems,” he told police.

The man said he had already had at least three stubbies of beer before his wife asked him to have some wine with her while they talked.

“We started drinking and had an argument-discussion, or a friendly argument, about all our problems,” he said.

The man said he drank about one bottle of wine by himself.

He told police he and his wife went to bed about 10pm, but he did not remember much about the alleged incident.

“I remember her saying ‘it hurts’ and hopping off, but that’s the only part of the sex I can remember,” he said.

The next morning, he said his wife woke him up and told him he had made her bleed.

“I was a little bit shocked about that,” he said.

The man said the day after the alleged incident, his wife called him and told him not to come home because she thought he had raped her.

“I’m not angry, quite far from it,” he said.

“I’m shocked. I’ve never really done a lot wrong in my life.”

Earlier, the court heard evidence from the man’s wife, her children, police officers and the GP who examined her.

Takalvan Medical Centre GP Ilian Kamenoff told the court he examined the woman the day after the alleged rape occurred.

He said he found the genital area to be quite tender, but it was difficult to say whether the tenderness was from consensual or forced sex.

“It is very difficult to say; the tenderness can be caused by other things,” he said.

Closing statements from the prosecution and defence will be heard when the trial resumes today.

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