NICE CATCH: Margie Charteris with a 4.1kg catfish.
NICE CATCH: Margie Charteris with a 4.1kg catfish.

Rain could fire up the muddies

HOPEFULLY the predicted storms will bring some much needed rainfall to our area but not cause any damage from lightening strikes, hail or strong winds.

If the river does get some fresh water run-off into it, this will really fire up the fish and mud crabs for the next few weeks ahead.

Tuesday night is the full moon and the weekend will see increasing estuary tide heights and stronger offshore currents.

This will be a good time to try for some juvenile marlins that are making their way down the coastline.

Trolling whole gar and skirted or bibbed lures around four-seven knots over any bait shows you get on the sounder will give you a good chance of a hook up.

Try fishing along the edge of a dirt water line if we get some rain on a run out tide as this is also a good place for the pelagic and billfish to search for baitfish.

In the estuaries there have been some good jacks and barramundi still being caught on lures and live mullet or sprat.

Remember the barramundi closed season starts on November 1 so if you do catch a barra as by-catch when fishing for other species, please release them asap and preferably without lifting them out of the water.

This is the main spawning time for this species and since the 2013 flood there seems to be a gradual increase in the numbers of juvenile barra being caught in the wide bay area which supports the sustainable fishing practices that a lot of anglers do on a daily basis not just in the closed seasons.

Congratulations to the winners of the fishing sections and the lucky draws at the Lake Monduran Fishing competition last weekend.

The funds raised from this annual event will put more barramundi fingerlings back into the dam to build up the numbers for future years of enjoyment for the anglers visiting that impoundment.

Well done to all the Monduran Anglers Stocking Association members for all the great work you do in supporting such a great fishery.

The Bundaberg Sport Fishing Club have ordered bass fingerlings for Lake Gregory from the funds raised through local fund raising and the Stocked Impoundment Permit scheme and they hope to release them in the next few weeks.

The Bundaberg Sport Fishing Club and fish stocking committee will be holding a display stall at the Burnett Heads Light house festival from 12-8pm on October 31 so for information on the fingerling release and other upcoming events, call in and visit the members at the festival next Saturday.

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