Quiet night for street blitz

BUNDABERG'S night-time behaviour received the tick of approval during a Trans-Tasman operation over the weekend.

Just six arrests were made in the Bundaberg region during Operation Unite, in which police across Australia and New Zealand specifically targeted alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour.

Bundaberg Police Inspector Kev Guteridge said just the low number of arrests during the operation, which started on Friday night and finished Saturday night, was a promising sign.

"We also had a number of persons who were moved on to prevent incidents breaking out," he said.

Insp Guteridge said the relatively trouble-free weekend was indicative of dropping antisocial behaviour in the region.

"It shows that the Wide Bay has been on the front foot with this issue," he said.

"We enjoy a great deal of community support."

But Insp Guteridge said a slow weekend for the region may not mean a slow Christmas period.

"We are certainly hoping this weekend has indicated a slower Christmas," he said.

"But it is difficult to predict what may happen from one weekend to the next."

Insp Guteridge also urged people to take care of their friends when they headed out on the town.

"If someone is drinking half-nips, it's not funny to start getting them full nips," he said.

State-wide, 287 adults were arrested and 306 notices to appear served.

"Police caught 141 people for drink driving after officers performed over 10,000 random breath tests. There were also 602 traffic infringement notices issued," Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart said.



  • Targeted drunken, violent and anti-social behaviour
  • Six arrests made in the Bundaberg region
  • Arrests were for public nuisance and assaulting and obstructing police
  • 14 Bundaberg officers involved
  • 287 adults arrested state-wide

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