YOUR SAY: Something stinks with current parole system

It has become apparent that something stinks with the current parole and prison system.

Recently a prisoner at Maryborough correctional centre was granted parole .Three weeks ago this happened and he is still waiting to be released.

They say that it is because there are no beds available at the men's refuge over east and that he must stay at the refuge for 3 to 4 months. Away from his children and family .There are 13 other known inmates awaiting the same fate.

Inmate number one has a house to go to, his belongings are already at this place and he has a room to himself.

This parolee is no threat to any one in the community Some one at Parole and probation office in Bundaberg deem his family (mothers ) home to be unsuitable for him to stay at .No reasons given.

My question is this all about the current push for extra funding, that we see and here on the news. Is this to bolster and validate the argument that the prisons are overcrowded .Are they deliberately keeping them this way ?

13 men today could be released if they were not all ordered to go to the men's refuge .13 beds in the prison could be freed up .13 families could be put back together .

What's the go ?

Some one needs to check out the truth of what is going on in the prison at Maryborough .Find out why the parole board is deeming that parolees cant live with their parents or families.

Find out why police are putting DVO on men then apologising and saying they know that the person has done nothing wrong ,but it is to protect them from further allegations!!!!!!!!

Check out what I am telling you please news mail .You will find it to be the truth .Check with the refuge as to how many inmates are awaiting a bed and how long the waiting time is.

Those of you reading this that have experienced this or know some one who is going through it now ,please let the news mail know in comments below .Or write your own story here.

Please check it out news mail .The truth needs to be told .

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