Eidsvold earthquake 'shook all the windows, foundation, bed...'

Queenslanders shake up Facebook with tales of earthquake

OF COURSE when something major happens in your town, often the first thing to do is to check Facebook to see what the news is reporting.


>>Earthquake measuring 5.2 shakes regional Queensland

>>YOUR STORIES: Your Stories: What you felt when the earthquake struck

We are asking for your experiences with the earthquake, whether by Facebook below or by emailing us.

This is what you are telling the Fraser Coast Chronicle, the Sunshine Coast Daily, Gladstone Observer and Bundaberg News-Mail, all places where the effects of the Eidsvold Earthquake have been reported.

Check them out below, and leave your own experiences.


From the Fraser Coast Chronicle:

Karyn Farrant:  I'm in torquay and have not been able to get back to sleep, never been so scared, it sounded like something hit the side of the house!

Kate Fladrick Dang it. I slept through it in Urraween.

John Oxley Was asleep in my electric recliner chair and I thought the moter had thrown a wobbley. Then I hear the dogs restless in the sun room and went to let them out and the spent a lot of time searching the back yard. Good to know it was not my recliner.

Catherine Sharp Yes very strange. Alot of distressed animals to. Good to know i wasnt going nuts tho Pialba

Richelle Allen Woke me up with a huge noise, sounded like something landing on the roof & the bed was shaking at Wondunna. Scary stuff!!

Jennifer Ridge-Cooke Doesn't help watching docos about alien abductions the night before lol. The bed and windows shook, neighbours came out with torches and dogs everywhere were barking. Then the tsunami worry set in

From the Sunshine Coast Daily



Corinna Schimak Woke me up in burnside! My bedside table was shaking! I didn't even think of an earthquake, scared it was a snake trapped in the drawer! LOL

Morgan Parker So I wasn't dreaming after all.

Jackie Ashman Woke me up here in Noosa thought I was back in NZ

Rachel Leigh Knight Currimundi, I slept through it so I don't think we felt it here. But disappointed actually. I would have loved to experience a light earthquake. Oh well.

Sarah Howard Woke me up in peregian beach! Bed moved so much I was physically moving then the ceiling and walls started creaking like it was being rocked back and forth! It took me 2 hours to go back to sleep after that fright 

From the Gladstone Observer:



Kenny Pepi Stevens I thought it was my dog Wilson jumping on my bed\

Jo Skehan Shook our house in Maryborough. Woke us up. Felt couple of tremors later. Couldn't get back to sleep

Billie-Joe Binder Felt it at marmor

Nancy Handley Like I've said over and over ...they keep taking from under us something has to give sometime


From the Bundaberg News-Mail:



Elouise Kwaka Funny listening to reporters trying to pronounce Eidsvold.

Dianne Young Windows rattled, house shook, dogs barking, power out, then eerie silience in wallaville 4671 scary

Helene McCracken Scariest thing I've ever experienced! Felt like I was being tipped out of bed in Monto!

Dell Holdings Yes at Moolboolaman around 2am , it shook my old queenslander house and the glass and french doors rattled , woke me and my dogs up and the loud rumble that went with it was amazing .... we felt the 2nd rumble and had a few smaller ones after just vibrating the glass in the house ... had power out and it only just came back on before 5.30 am

Alex Johnson We have an old rattler high set Queenslander and were nearly shaken out of bed!

Glen Wrigley Didn't feel a thing in Bargara.

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