Queenslander Hotel manager Mark Lawson.
Queenslander Hotel manager Mark Lawson.

Plans revealed for top Bundy pub's reopening

IT'S been three weeks and three days since the former publicans of the Queenslander Hotel announced they were closing the doors, but as of this coming Tuesday, the Queenslander is back in business.

The Queenslander's general manager, Mark Lawson, said there was now going to be quite a shift in the way the venue was operated to a more family-friendly environment, but added there would still be a bit of fun to be had as the nights roll on.

"We've got a very good chef on board who is knocking up a really solid menu and that's sort of going to be our focus along with softer music acts - acoustic style stuff - and then obviously a bit of fun after the food goes to bed," Mr Lawson said.

He said he and his group would be "going hell for leather to get the Queeny back to where it once was", and while things might change, Mr Lawson was looking forward to bringing a new experience to Bundaberg.

"I've worked with a lot of the bars around Brisbane and the Valley and I think we've got the room that it can be something quite unique," he said.

"We're going to have eight different craft beers on tap, as much local product as we can and a nice bar snacks menu to complement that, and then also some higher-end cocktails and higher end spirits that you can go and get a real experience that really, Bundy doesn't have to offer at the moment."

While the up-market beers and spirits might not be for everyone, Mr Lawson said the Queenslander would continue to offer the traditional pub experience in the beer garden.

"I guess we've got a multifaceted venue here with almost different little businesses inside the business - and I think that's where we'll be focused on, having different little experiences for different types of people," he said.

"Certainly, making sure that we're very professional in our service offering and presentation and things like that.

"I don't actually see it as a bad situation, I see it as a huge opportunity so I'm quite happy with the way things have panned out."

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