Girl’s shocking Maccas find: ‘it was a plain old franga’

A QUEENSLAND mother says she was gobsmacked when her young daughter tried to blow up a condom she found in the children's playground of a McDonald's restaurant last month.

Mum Annie from Emerald in the Central Highlands came forward after reading about a Perth couple who complained their two-year-old girl found a condom in the eating area of a McDonald's restaurant in Warnbro in the city's outer-south.

In the Queensland incident, Annie said she had taken her daughter to the McDonald's restaurant in Emerald where the three-year-old made the shocking discovery.

"We ordered our dinner and I was sitting near the door inside the restaurant and my daughter was running in and out grabbing nuggets," she said.

About 15 minutes later, Annie said her daughter came in from the playground with her exciting find.

"She said 'Mummy, look!' and started to put it in her mouth. I was like 'oh!' and smacked it out of her hand and it went underneath the table," she said.

"This man behind me said 'what's wrong love?' and I said 'she just literally put a condom in her mouth from the playground!'"

Annie said the condom had been unwrapped but she didn't know if it had been used.

"It was just a normal, plain old franga," she said.

Annie said she reported the incident to staff behind the counter, who thought it was probably kids having a joke.

"I said 'joke or not, my kid's just had it in her mouth. I don't know where it's been'."

Annie said the staff member apologised and asked for her email address, but she never heard anything back.

"I literally left all my meal on the table and I said 'the condom's still under the table in the restaurant'," she said.

After the incident, Annie said she hadn't returned to McDonald's, and that she hadn't known how to explain the confusing incident to her daughter.

"Birthdays are a big thing and balloons are exciting. She didn't know what she'd done wrong," she said.

A McDonald's spokesperson said staff do everything they can to ensure their restaurants are clean and safe for customers.

"Our restaurants are frequently checked and cleaned, with the shift manager on duty inspecting all areas of the restaurant," she said.

"Incidents such as these are rare and after a thorough investigation, we can find no evidence that this was anything more than some kids playing around. Regardless, we apologise this customer had this experience and hope to welcome them in our restaurants again soon."

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