Queensland economy is lagging: Bennett

ACCORDING to Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett, the CommSec State of the States Report has shown Queensland's economy is continuing to slip under what he terms a "do-nothing" Palaszczuk Labor Government.

Mr Bennett said he was disappointed to see that Queensland is "now in a third tier of economies, lagging behind Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT".

"The Palaszczuk Government's lack of a plan is holding Queensland back and the State of the States report proves it," he said.

"Since January we've gone backwards in important measures like economic growth, construction, equipment investment and population growth.

"And population growth is about the weakest it's been in 15 years.

"Queensland is now ranked worst of all states and territories on construction work, which is 7.5 per cent below the decade-average.

"What's most worrying about this is that Labor doesn't have a plan to improve Queensland's position. Our economy is really struggling compared to other major states, yet this government is doing nothing.

"We've seen the Palaszczuk Government announce more than 70 reviews, including yet another one looking at flood mitigation in Bundaberg.  But it seems incapable of making a decision and as this report shows, this inaction is holding Queensland back."

Mr Bennett said the Commsec State of the States Report was a quarterly report that ranked each of the states and territories against each other on key economic indicators. 

The ranking is ascertained by comparing the indicators against the decade-average for that measure.

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