Jail for brutal attack on pregnant partner

A MAN who terrorised his pregnant partner and kicked her in the stomach, causing her to undergo an emergency caesarean, has been sentenced to more than five years in jail.

Sean Robert Sawyer, 40, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Brisbane this week to grievous bodily harm as a domestic violence offence.

The court was told that on July 31, 2016, Sawyer flew into a rage when his partner woke him up at 1.30pm and he threw her across the room.

She fell to the ground and begged him to stop, but instead he grabbed her hair and told her she was a "piece of shit".

Justice Martin Burns said Sawyer went to kick his partner in the back.


"She turned, and as a result you kicked her in the stomach," he said to Sawyer in sentencing.

"She experienced immediate pain, and as a result was worried about her unborn child."

He kicked her in the back before running to the car, and she jumped in the passenger side and asked him not to take the vehicle.

"You then punched her in the head and she fell back out of the car," Justice Burns said.

Screaming for neighbours to help, she ran to the laundry and locked herself inside.

The woman managed to phone Triple 0 and was rushed to hospital, where she had an emergency c-section at 29 weeks and two days because the placenta separated from the uterus.

The child has reached all development milestones since, despite his traumatic birth.

His mother has also made a full physical recovery and has had no contact with her ex-partner since.

The court was told Sawyer had a history of drug issues and spiralled into depression after losing his job.

Justice Burns sentenced him to five and a half years in jail, and he will be eligible for parole after serving one year and 10 months behind bars.

He has already spent more than 300 days in jail.

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