Qld 2017 election: Jason Costigan 'stalked' by protesters

Sitting Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan has made a stalking complaint to Queensland Police in the final few hours of polling.

The LNP candidate said three unknown protesters holding placards emblazoned with 'protect the reef' messages derailed his visits to three polling booths in the marginal seat.

"I don't know who these wankers are but the Queensland Police have been alerted," Mr Costigan said.

"I'm all for having a real debate and democracy in North Queensland, we're not North Korea. But there are three of them following me down the coast and in my world that's stalking."

Mr Costigan said the protesters shadowed him from Cannonvale to Proserpine and most recently to Calen, forcing him to cut short the time he'd allocated to thank volunteers and meet constituents.

This latest brush with protestors followed the occupation of his Proserpine office on Friday by about 50 anti-Adani and anti-Urannah Dam protesters.

Mr Costigan said the protest action had been a slur on what he described as an otherwise very positive campaign in the Whitsunday seat.

"What resonates with people here is that they don't want the disconnect between Airlie Beach and Proserpine and we're the only party that's got the iron-clad commitment of $37 million to fix Hamilton Plains.

"It shows that the LNP is taking this election very seriously and understands the pain, and the heartache and the disconnect between the communities post Cyclone Debbie more than ever before."

Mr Costigan said his critics can "bash" him up on his tourism, agriculture, or resources policy, but not for getting out and about and meeting with "real people about real issues".

Despite today's skirmish, he said he's "quietly confident" he's done enough to win.

"Whitsunday is a tough seat and you need someone with a big ticker who's got some grit and toughness."

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