'S**t, w*ore': Mum's car park attack over Facebook post

PUNCHES flew as two women attacked another woman at the Stocklands shopping centre outside Coles in an apparent blue over Facebook posts.

It was Thursday late-night shopping and the fracas ended with Peta Marie Cowburn, 36, being charged with assault. The mother of four pleaded guilty.

Prosecutor Barry Stevens told a Gladstone court police were called to a disturbance at 6.30pm, September 8 in the Stocklands car park.

Witnesses told police two females began bashing a motor vehicle and abusing a woman inside "calling her slut, whore ".


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Peta Cowburn.
Peta Cowburn.

The female got out and another woman assaulted her and pulled her pony tail.

Sergeant Stevens said when she was on the ground Cowburn was punching her in the head and body.

The injured female, 32, was transported to Gladstone Base Hospital and later released.

Lawyer Stacey O'Gorman said Cowburn said she was ashamed by her behaviour that night.

"There is a large background behind it," she said.

"It is a family dispute. Been a lot of nonsense put on Facebook and quite unfortunate accusations thrown around.

"It's a family dispute getting out of hand.

"A lot of nastiness on Facebook. And if we could shut it down we would not be here in court."

Ms O'Gorman said Cowburn was with the co-accused at shops and with all this nonsense going on Facebook "made them see red" and they (the two women) had not handled it in an appropriate way.

She said Cowburn's involvement was delivering punches while the woman was on the ground and the bulk of the assault was alleged against her co-accused (still before the court).

Magistrate Melanie Ho said it was not the way a woman should behave punching another woman in the head in public in front of Coles over a family dispute.

"You punched her on the ground. It is not appropriate behaviour for someone your age," she said.

Cowburn was convicted and fined $500.

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