Pub fight lands man in jail

A TRIP to the pub with his mother has ended in jail for a Burnett Heads man who appeared in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday.

Samuell Joseph Slater, 23, pleaded guilty to public nuisance and failing to leave a licensed premises.

The court heard that just before noon on September 13 Slater, who was drinking with his mother, had been asked to leave the Central Hotel after becoming loud and acting aggressively.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Slater left the hotel, but returned a short time later to where his mother was standing.

Management then tried to remove Slater and his mother from the pub.

“Slater said to the manager ‘I’ll put you through the wall, I’ll put you through the concrete’,” he said.

Sgt Stevens said that as management removed Slater he made various threats and was at times aggressive and at other times trying to help them remove his mother from the hotel.

Defence lawyer Nick Larter said Slater, who works as a fruit picker, was remorseful for what he had done.

“Although Mr Slater was carrying on like a pork chop, he did receive a head butt from the publican for his trouble,” he said.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring sentenced Slater to a month in prison for public nuisance and convicted, without further punishment, him of failure to leave a licensed premises.

When the incident at the Central Hotel occurred, Slater was on probation and completing community service for wilful damage, drink-driving and driving without a licence.

Mr Larter said Slater had been having trouble complying with the community service order as he was unable to catch a bus from his home in Burnett Heads to start his community service on time.

“The buses are terrible all over the place,” Mr Larter said.

“It is not a case of an unwillingness to comply with that order; it’s the difficulties of getting to where he needed to be.”

But Mr Lavaring found the incident to be in breach of Slater’s probation, which was still in affect for another 12 months.

Slater was sentenced to two months in prison for wilful damage and one month for drink-driving.

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