Letters: Priority for progress

Letters: MAY I please have the opportunity to respond to the letter from Malakai Koloi.

Firstly can I clarify that my actual wording at the council meeting was "I am not here just as a divisional councillor but as a regional councillor in accordance with the Local Government Act".

At the meeting you refer to, I went on to explain that I along with other councillors consider all issues across our region regardless of location, especially at budget time.

Prioritising issues has been something that has been done by this council and how previous councils have also operated in all my time as an elected member (divisions or not).

Just like any household when discussions happen about issues that are raised and dollars available - we prioritise the way to progress, etc.

Mr Koloi, I am not sure what I need to say thank you to you personally for.

I do appreciate the trust that the Division 9 electors placed in me at the last local government elections and I have not for one moment let the interest of my division or the greater region slacken.

I am constantly visiting areas, attending meetings and having conversations with a whole range of members in our community.

You personally have always been attended to with as much efficiency as possible.

As for the length of time on council, I have also spent numerous years running my own business, and raising my family along with caring for my parents - and through-out this time have always made myself available to my community.

Integrity and respect is something I have always valued and continue to do so.

I have represented this region at various levels of government as the opportunities arise because I believe in this regional community and want it to stay a progressive and family friendly place to work, live and play regardless of age or financial circumstances or location.

If there is something more that can be achieved that I am not aware of for you, any community groups you may be a member of or further discussions that need to take place around the council table, then by all means let me know and I will only be too happy to arrange a meeting.


Bundaberg Regional Council

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