Price offensive launched

Toyota Corolla & Yaris.
Toyota Corolla & Yaris. Contributed

TOYOTA has improved the value of its top-selling Corolla by up to $2410 and Yaris by as much as $1700 by adding features and repositioning prices.

The market leader has turned back the pricing clock five years on the entry-level Yaris hatch at $14,990 (YR three-door manual) – the same level as in October 2005.

Overall, Yaris prices have been revised by up to 5.5%, with the biggest reduction of $950 applying to the YRS three-door and five-door hatches.

The improved value for these YRS models grows to $1700 with side, full-length curtain and driver's knee airbags – previously a $750 option – now being included as standard equipment. YRX models also gain the extra airbags.

Corolla hatch prices have been reduced by up to 3.4%. The most affordable model, the Ascent manual hatch, now starts at $20,990.

In addition to its $750 reduction, Ascent gains the added safety of full-length curtain and driver's knee airbags as well as the extra convenience of rear power windows. All Ascent models now have a total of seven airbags.

Levin SX hatches are fitted with the extra airbags and also attract a $700 price cut – a claimed value gain of $1200.

Levin ZR hatch prices fall $910 and, with the $1500 sunroof added to its standard features, Toyota says the value has improved by $2410.

Conquest hatches gain $2110 in value with the sunroof and a price cut of $610.

Corolla Ascent and Conquest sedans, which had prices lowered with this year's facelift, are also fitted with the same features as their hatch equivalents. Ultima sedan gains the sunnroof.

Last year, Australians bought almost 60,000 Corolla and Yaris sedans and hatches – 29% of all sales from Toyota dealers. Toyota Australia's senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said Toyota was determined to ensure its vehicles were competitive on price and equipment levels.

“These moves significantly improve the value of Yaris and Corolla and send a clear signal to customers that Toyota is serious about competing and does not take its market-leading position for granted,” Mr Buttner said.

“We have been able to make these changes – which represent improved value of up to nine per cent – with the help of our parent company in Japan.”



YR 1.3 (m)$14,990

YR 1.3 (a)$16,590

YR 1.5 (m)$16,390

YR 1.5 (a)$17,990

YR 5-door 1.3 (m)$15,690

YR 5-door 1.3 (a)$17,290

YRS 5-door 1.5 (m)$17,390

YRS 5-door 1.5 (a)$18,990

YRX 5-door 1.5 (a)$21,390


YRS 1.5 (m) $18,190

YRS 1.5 (a)$19,790

YRX 1.5 (a)$21,790

Metallic paint $300 (all grades), enhanced safety $500 (YR and YRS )



Ascent (a)$22,990


Conquest (a)$26,490

Ultima (a)$31,490

Enhanced safety $750 (Ascent only), cruise pack $750 (Ascent only), sunroof $1500 (Ultima only), metallic paint $350 (all grades)

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