Bundaberg Golf Club president Trevor McLeod proudly holds the Presidents Cup.
Bundaberg Golf Club president Trevor McLeod proudly holds the Presidents Cup. MAX FLEET

Bundaberg secures win over Bargara

BUNDABERG has claimed one of the biggest wins in Presidents Cup history, securing a 21-game victory over Bargara Golf Club on Sunday.

After giving up a huge lead at Bargara earlier in the month it was left to the coastal club to chase down Bundaberg at home last weekend.

A better performance from Bargara saw its teams win 13 games, but Bundaberg was still the more dominant with 22 wins.

That took Bundaberg’s total to 45.5 over the two days, while Bargara managed just 24.5 wins.

It was probably one of the biggest wins in the history of the competition, so that was a good thing,” Bundaberg president Trevor McLeod said yesterday.

Bundaberg’s win broke a three-year deadlock between the two clubs and reasserted its dominance over Bargara in the head-to-head contest.

A humble McLeod said the landslide victory took nothing away from the Bargara club.

“It’s probably not that we have the better individual golfers as much as it is that we have good combinations,” he said.

Bargara president John Bloem said his club would not dwell on the loss.

“The idea of the tournament is to go out there and have fun and we did that,” he said.

“I think it was a great tournament for golf.

“I don’t think anyone will be too devastated, we played some good golf out there and we know that’s what it’s about.”

McLeod said his club would be glad to keep the trophy another year.

“It’s a club rivalry thing and everyone’s proud to keep the trophy here another year,” he said.

The biggest highlight of the win was beating Bargara so comprehensively on their home course.

Historically Bargara has struggled in Bundaberg, but lifted its form when playing at home.

But in the first round that dominant form was nowhere to be seen as Bundaberg cruised to victory.

“We don’t usually win that big in Bargara,” McLeod said.

“For the last few years we have done all right at home, but struggled at Bargara.

“So to win by that much on their home course was something special.”

The Presidents Cup will stay in Bundaberg Golf Club’s trophy cabinet for another year.

Bargara Golf Club will have to wait until next year to make another attempt at securing the cup.

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