Disaster management officer Mal Churchill discusses emergency plans with Councillor Dave Batt.
Disaster management officer Mal Churchill discusses emergency plans with Councillor Dave Batt. Scottie Simmonds

Prepare for cyclone season

WHILE many residents organise for the cyclone season, it appears others are still complacent and unprepared for the worst.

Bundaberg Regional Council is warning residents to take precautions as the Bureau of Meteorology predicts the coming storm season could be worse than normal.

Bundaberg Regional Council disaster management officer Mal Churchill said while some people were preparing, others would wait until it was too late.

“There are a lot that always wait for the last minute,” Mr Churchill said.

“We are experiencing the extremes, from heat to cold to wet.

“But we need to get ready for the storm season.”

Councillor David Batt said it was inevitable Bundaberg would be hit by a cyclone.

“It’s been so long since we have had a major cyclone,” he said.

“It is going to happen whether it’s this year or in five years.”

He said if the community was prepared, it would ease the burden should a natural disaster take place.

“We need to build a resilience in the community,” he said.

“When we have a natural disaster, emergency services will be very tied up.”

Mr Churchill said the last cyclone to hit Bundaberg was Fran in 1992.

“Since then there have been a number down the coast,” he said.

“They are predicating more cyclones this year than we normally get.”

He said there was no way of knowing if a cyclone would actually hit Bundaberg, but warned it could happen at any time.

“You might get six to eight cyclones, but nobody can say that of those six or eight what might actually hit land,” he said.

“It might be one or it might be six.”

With the cyclone season starting on November 1, Bundaberg Regional Council asks residents to be prepared in advance.

For more information, go to the council website, bundaberg.qld.gov.au.


  • Identify the best place to take refuge.
  • Ensure loose outdoor items are secured.
  • Ensure insurance is up to date.

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