OPINION: School holidays aren't what they used to be

POOR kids these days.

It must be so tough enjoying the school holidays with all their smart phones, gaming devices and that fancy new internet everybody seems to be talking about.

It seems like everyone is so desperate to find the key to keeping the kids busy on the school holidays that we've forgotten what they're really about.

School holidays are about spending long, boring days with your grandparents or nagging mum and dad to take you somewhere "fun" - which usually ended in the response, "go and do something constructive".

Ah, the memories.

The holidays should be a time where kids have the opportunity to be kids, in a world where they're asked to grow up so early.

They're forced to focus on social media, rather than being sociable, and have to keep up with the latest trends, rather than tear their clothes to shreds playing footy or cricket in the park.

We're on a sure-fire path to burning kids out by the time they reach their teenage years.

Wouldn't that be a sight; grumpy, burnt out teenagers ...

It seems we've become victims of our own success.

When kids were often ignored and left to their own devices in the past, we have now loaded them with enough activities to keep them going for three weeks of spring holidays, let alone two.

Perhaps, we need to return to letting our kids be bored on the holidays, give them a break, and revitalise their minds ahead of another big school term.

Then again, we don't want them turning into grumpy, balding, 20-somethings like me.

I guess it's your call.

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