Poll shows same-sex marriage is not what Aussies care about

AUSTRALIANS of all ages and political persuasions agree on what we should be talking about - and it's not same-sex marriage.

A new national survey of what people consider to be the most pressing issues reveals energy costs, terrorism and housing affordability are way out in front.

When asked to select three priority areas for the Federal Government, 54 per cent of respondents to a Galaxy Research poll for the Australian Futures Project included energy costs; 48 per cent nominated terrorism and security and 46 per cent said housing affordability.

Just 16 per cent put same-sex marriage in their top three. Job security, education, the environment and stable government all outranked same-sex marriage.

"With same-sex marriage it's a case of how many people is it going to affect, especially economically," said Galaxy Research managing director David Briggs. "It's not really going to have a direct impact on a lot of people.

"What we are looking at here is a hip-pocket response," Mr Briggs said. "Energy costs is the issue most likely to affect people. They are seeing their bills increase and there seems to be no solution in sight."

Concern about energy costs increased with age and was greatest among Coalition supporters. That being said, more Green voters and millennials included it on their priority list than did same-sex marriage.

The poll, which was weighted to reflect the national population, also found 44 per cent of Australians consider themselves worse off now than they were five years ago, while just half that number think their lives have improved. Green voters and millennials are most likely to say they are better off. 

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