HOT AND COLD: Readers were divided on our city centre.
HOT AND COLD: Readers were divided on our city centre. Mike Knott BUN060818CBD1

POLL: 'Old and boring' but some love our CBD

TOUGH crowd, Bundy.

Visitors to the region have primarily ranked the CBD in the "very good" and "excellent" categories on online review site Trip Advisor.

But locals are a little more hesitant when it comes to lavishing praise on the main area of town.

Asked on the NewsMail's Facebook page what their favourite parts of the city were, social media users were quick to condemn.

Categories in our poll above:  

  • Cenotaph
  • Whale wall
  • Heritage buildings
  • Shopping
  • Buss Park
  • Lorikeets
  • Post office
  • Pubs
  • Cane roundabout

Biggest CBD peeves included cars backing out of parks, hoons, traffic issues and the look of the area.

Amanda Howarth said she was unhappy with not just the traffic woes, but cleanliness as well.

"(There's) the threat of being reversed into because people think putting their car in reverse gives them right of way," she said.

"Or people driving through the six stop signs near the crossing even though you're already driving across them.

"Tripping on the pavers is another favourite."

Ms Howarth said she'd spotted far too many mystery substances.

"...the bodily fluids pee, vomit, spit, snot and who knows what else," she said.

Jo Anderson was another local who said the traffic issues were just too much to cope with.

"I like when I get out of the congested traffic with nowhere to park and I'm at home," she said.

"I avoid the main street, it's just too much hassle."

Debbie Orreal's complaint was the appearance of the city and cars reversing out without looking.

"Nothing nice about the place," she said.

"Looks old and boring, like an old suburban area shopping place instead of our city centre.

"Oh and don't forget about the idiots reversing into each other all the time."

Facebookers also talked about issues involving hoons and traffic being held up around roundabouts and some drivers not respecting stop signs.

It wasn't all bad news, though.

Readers nominated their favourite areas in the city heart, mentioning everything from our pubs to the sounds of our resident lorikeets.

Keri Jensen said she loved the post office building and Buss Park when it's in full blood for spring and when it's in festive mode for December.

Dale Rehbein said he was just happy to come home to the CBD after working overseas and said it was nice to get back to his roots in Bundy.

While some dislike the old-fashioned building facades, Sheryll Lee Hughes Cotterill said she loved seeing the region's heritage on display.

Want to tell us what your favourite part of the CBD is?

Head to and vote in our poll.

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