Rain can impair visibility when driving.
Rain can impair visibility when driving. Mike Knott

Police plea for caution in wet

BUNDABERG drivers have been urged to take care in the wet weather after heavy rainfall in the region.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said heavy rains across the state had seen a spate of traffic crashes and reports of motorists getting stuck on flooded roadways.

“Police are appealing for motorists to slow down and drive in a manner suitable for the current wet weather conditions.

“Motorists need to adapt their driving to suit the wet and slippery roads,” they said.

The spokesperson asked drivers to be aware that road conditions and road closures could change rapidly as creeks rose and fell quickly.

Spinal Injuries Association CEO Mark Henley said the fast changes in road conditions could lead to permanent injury if a crash occurred.

“With road trauma the number one cause of spinal cord injuries, and water-related accidents the third main cause of these injuries, I would like to stress the importance of taking even more care while you're out and about this week,” he said.

Mr Henley also asked the community to be aware that bodies of water previously safe may have changed completely.

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