Police raid uncovers weapons

POLICE found guns, ammunition, drugs and a crossbow during a raid on a Bundaberg home, a court was told.

Matthew John Broanda, 23, of Bundaberg East, had been out of jail for just three days before police raided his home and charged him with possessing dangerous drugs, unlawful possession of weapons, receiving tainted property and possessing drug utensils.

He pleaded guilty to all charges yesterday in Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said police went to Broanda's home on July 3 about 4.50pm, finding drug utensils including scales and a grinder on a bench, where they could smell cannabis.

A search of the house found two guns hidden in a roof cavity.

“A .410 sawn-off shotgun ...and a heavily modified sawn-off 12-gauge shotgun were found,” Sgt Stevens said.

Police also found a home-made pen gun in the lounge room, which used .22 calibre rounds.

Two lots of cannabis equalling 4g were also found, along with a crossbow and two arrows in the shed.

Sgt Stevens said a collection of ammunition for the weapons was found, including shotgun rounds.

Broanda accepted responsibility for all of the items, despite not being the holder of a gun licence.

Further checks revealed one of the shotguns had been stolen from a property in Tirroan between April and June 2009.

Solicitor Thomas Bray said the three guns had been the property of a man who had lived in Broanda's home while he was in prison.

He said while his client was not initially aware of the weapons, he found out they were there a day or two before the raid and took no action.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring described the weapons as “quite substantial”.

He first considered a sentence of probation, but told Broanda: “You were given that chance back in March and you blew it almost straight away.”

Mr Lavaring sentenced Broanda to six months' jail with parole on November 19, taking into account 31 days in custody already served

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