Mackay Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant Nigel Dalton has asked anyone with more information to contact police.
Mackay Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant Nigel Dalton has asked anyone with more information to contact police. Luke Mortimer

Police appeal for witnesses after crook rams cop car

MACKAY police have urged members of the public to come forward after an unmarked police ute was rammed and the offender fled the scene.

Sergeant Nigel Dalton, of Mackay Crime Prevention Unit, was pleased to report the officers inside the Toyota HiLux were not injured.

It's likely the offender will face charges including, and likely not limited to, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle if he's caught after the incident on Tuesday, about 9.30pm at Bedford Road in Andergrove.

"Police were doing some patrols and they spotted a vehicle which appeared to them to be acting in a suspicious way," he said.

"They recorded the rego and once they did a rego' check they found that he rego' plates didn't actually match the vehicle being driven (a white Holden Commodore), or the description of it.

"So, they followed the vehicle to an address. Once they got to the address the vehicle went around the back ... the police officers got out and started making some enquiries at the address about what was happening.

"Whilst they were involved in those initial inquiries with residents of the house, they heard a vehicle revving its engine in the backyard area."

Sgt Dalton said the officers hopped back in their car and prepared to follow the Holden.

"And at that point, the vehicle that was leaving the yard struck the police vehicle (on its bullbar) and the police quickly turned their vehicle around and tried to follow ... ," he said.

"But it was driving so quickly they didn't follow for very long. They stopped the pursuit and let it go."

The police ute had its lights and sirens engaged as it began to give chase, but that did not slow the offender, Sgt Dalton advised.

He added that police did not "box in" the offender before the collision, "they would have been in the normal place" to have intercepted the Holden and its driver.

Sgt Dalton said the Holden had not been linked to crimes around the Mackay Police District "at this stage", and it was not known if it had been stolen.

"If a vehicle has false plates on it, we have absolutely no idea of the actual identity of the vehicle until we can actually stop it and look at engine numbers and VIN numbers," he said.

"So, until we do that we can't assess whether it's a vehicle which has been stolen or not."

It was not disclosed whether Mackay police have any idea who the driver of the Holden may have been.

Sgt Dalton said it was likely the driver of the Holden knew "the net was closing" and realised he "must escape the scene".

"He left very, very promptly - as quickly as he could to get away from being captured and obviously being questioned about the false registration plates," he said.

Sgt Dalton added it was very likely members of the public witnessed the incident, and he asked anyone with information to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.