Mickey Mouse himself could have run for the Groom by-election last weekend, and won it for the LNP.

This was a comment made by one Toowoomba voter that echoed the sentiments of locals who about Garth Hamilton’s win at last weekend’s by-election.

Mr Hamilton won the seat by a landslide against three other candidates, including Chris Meibusch who ran against him for the Labor party.

Local voters took to social media to air their thoughts and opinions on the result.

One opinion was clear: Voters were primarily unsurprised by the result.

Elisabeth Shepherd commented on Facebook that while the by-election did have its short term benefits, the result was fairly predictable.

“There are a lot of people angry at the colossal waste of taxpayer money needed to run this by-election,” she said.

“Yes, it temporarily employed a few people, but the election result is no different than if the LNP had just nominated a party member to act in it until the next federal election.”

Sara Hammer echoed a similar notion.

“No surprises, sadly,” she said.

“People voted on traditional tribal lines for someone whose policies will benefit few of us in the end.”

Originally published as ‘Pointless and predictable’: Why locals were unsurprised at by-election result

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