Plans to act as watchdog

AFTER losing about $140,000 when a developer’s finance company went into liquidation, tradesman Wayne Rodgers has spent the past 18 months wading through a sea of paperwork and red tape trying to get the money back.

The Agnes Water shop fitter does not want others to have to go through the same financial pressure.

“I’m just trying to meet mortgage repayments,” Mr Rodgers said.

“Being a sub-contractor, I’ve got suppliers to pay as well.”

Unhappy with the Building Service Authority’s information service, Mr Rodgers has decided to give tradies another option to find out a builder’s history.

He will use information from tradies to compile reports about who has had their licence suspended in the past, who pays on time and other issues.

His plan is to start a website that people can join for a small fee.

“If you do a job for John Doe and send us a request for information, we’ll send a report back to say this is John Doe’s history,” Mr Rodgers said.

The tradie said all information and complaints to him would be verified before appearing on the website.

Bundaberg tradies stung by the collapse of Coral Coast Homes welcomed the idea that they would be able to cheaply and easily access important details such as whether a company traded insolvent, or if a builder paid on time.

“I think it would be a good idea... not only for the tradesmen but the clients,” wall and floor tiler Chris Trubuil said.

“I would have no dramas going on the website myself — it could work both ways.

“It will make companies pull their socks up but it would also give them access to tradies’ information.”

“I reckon he’s onto a good thing.”

Plumber Steve Sansom said he would use any information he could get his hands on about a building company’s background.

“Like whether they’re running insolvent,” Mr Sansom said.

At the moment Mr Rodgers is trying to gather as much information about local building companies and builders as he can.

To contact him with information about a building company, or for more details about the website, email or telephone 0447 313 823.

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