Locals primed for pie eating comp

DAN Henricksen reckons a meat pie is the perfect meal to eat on the run.

The air-conditioning apprentice is proof that Bundaberg's love affair with the humble pastry is still as strong as ever — he polished off a pie for breakfast yesterday, followed by another one for lunch.

“They're easy to eat, I can always go for a pie,” he said.

After so much practice, Mr Henricksen should be in top form to take part in a pie-eating competition this Saturday, hosted by a new drive-through bakery on Bourbong Street.

Pie-Zee owner Simon Curtis said the competition was a bid to find the fastest pie-muncher in Bundaberg.

Between noon and 3pm, staff will use a stopwatch to time each competitor, and scores will be written on a display board so people can track the contest.

“The winner will get $100 in cash, and we will put a plaque up in the shop,” Mr Curtis said.

“We hope to make it an annual event.”

Who knows? Competitive Bundy pie-eaters may one day aspire to the dizzy heights of their US counterparts, who host the famous Nathan's hot dog eating contest, where reigning champion Joey Chestnut this year managed to down an impressive 54 hot dogs.

But while the ability to scoff down a pie in seconds may not be for everyone, it could come in handy for people who are pressed for time.

And that's exactly the type of customer Mr Curtis was thinking of when he came up with the idea for a drive-through pie shop.

He said the idea was born 23 years ago, when he was a 15-year-old apprentice baker.

According to Mr Curtis, the food has become a dietary staple because it has evolved along with the Australian lifestyle.

“We love our meat, it's good food, and it just goes back to our roots — it's an Aussie tradition,” he said.

“There's a lot more variety now, though.”

To compete with Bundaberg's fastest pie-eaters, visit the Pie-Zee shop at 3/269 Bourbong Street between noon and 3pm on Saturday.

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