WHEN Gary Woodfield isn't holed up in his studio painting landscape and wildlife art, he is foraging around the garden trying to find the perfect piece of tree bark to complement his work.

The artist uses an ancient traditional method to paint which includes using natural elements as his tools rather than paintbrushes.

"Anything from bark, twigs and leaves are fantastic elements to use because they give different textures to each painting," he said.

Gary has had a passion for painting since he was 17 years old and became a sketch artist during his time with the army.

His enthusiasm for ancient traditional art came about after studying some of the great Renaissance painters of the world.

"My passion for this specific style really took off when I began studying the methods of Leonardo da Vinci," he said.

"I became interested in a lot of his earlier works which included painting with natural elements."

Gary's passion continued to grow and 33 years later he still enjoys his craft, spending hours and hours every day working on his projects.

He recently received a Walberg International Award in Europe for outstanding fine art skills for his painting titled The Way In.

"The elements used in this particular painting were ordinary household sponges, bark strips off branches, pine quills, skewers and red soil mixed with my acrylics," he said.

The Way In along with many other artworks by Mr Woodfield will be showcased at his landscape/wildlife art exhibition at the Gin Gin Court House Gallery on December 3.

"The exhibition is titled Wild Boundaries and will feature 16 paintings," he said.

"Ten of those painting will be of Australian wildlife and six will focus on Germany's Ardennes wilderness."

Gary said most of his paintings take around 14 days to complete and each one is a challenge in itself.

"I love this type of art because of the hardship. It is a great feeling to finish a piece that you have created using basic natural elements that we come across every day."

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