Public reaction to photo hack is disturbing

WHEN Jennifer Lawrence fell down the stairs en route to the stage to receive her first Oscar, we all thought one thing.


However, this clumsy class had us instantly in awe of this beautiful actress with a healthy dose of quirky personality to boot.

This just made the past week all the more upsetting.

For those blessed among us who haven't seen or heard of the infamous images, let me just give you a quick run-down.

Earlier this week, Jennifer Lawrence's iCloud account was hacked, leading to a series of private nude photos being leaked online.

I haven't even seen the photos, and based on what I've heard, I really don't care to.

After all, it takes a pretty sick mind to find any sort of pleasure in images clearly not intended for your own eyes.

But while I sympathise greatly with her plight, this isn't just about Jennifer Lawrence anymore.

There's a greater issue at play.

See, the fact these photos were published in the first place was disturbing enough; but it's the public reaction that disturbs me most of all.

While there has been an overwhelming support for this brutally exposed young actress, where there is good there is bad, and the bad has truly come into its own here.

First, there were the Facebook "friends" who cluttered my News Feed with links to "check this out".


Second, there was the elderly woman who told me that "it's her own fault for taking the photos in the first place".


And third, how could I forget celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's snap decision to post the images on his website…while on vacation with his son and mother in Las Vegas?

Too. Much. Class.

To Perez's credit, he did realise his little kerfuffle and publicly apologised.

But the damage had already been done.

While his apology did refer to the notion that in publicity, if you want something to disappear you ignore it, I'm not sure that's quite how Jennifer feels about the situation at the moment.

Now, I hate to be the party pooper who comes along to ruin people's ideas that "she's in the public eye, so she should expect things like this to happen" (yes, I actually heard someone say that this week as well), but we should all be just a little terrified about all this.

These photos did not come into the wrong hands through a disgruntled ex-lover; they came from her private iCloud account.

And that's terrifying.

An awful lot of us have iCloud accounts.

And I'd daresay just as many of us probably don't have privacy settings as strict as a celebrity's.

Somehow, she was still hacked.

This poor woman has literally done nothing wrong.

For all we know, she hasn't even done anything remotely controversial.

All we do know is that at some point someone took these incredibly private photos of her for whatever reason, and that whatever that reason was, it's none of our business.

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