PETROL PRICES: Eric Franz filling up at the bowser.
PETROL PRICES: Eric Franz filling up at the bowser. Mike Knott BUN170418FUEL1

PETROL PRICE HIKE: RACQ blasts Bundy fuel stations

DRIVERS are being told to shop around for fuel after RACQ came out and slammed the region's petrol stations for over exorbitant price rises.

The peak motoring body has come down hard on Bundaberg's service stations for hiking fuel prices up a whopping eight cents a litre in a week.

Spokeswoman Renee Smith said local motorists were being slogged at the pump, with some retailers charging more than 144c/L - up more than 8.4c/L.

"Drivers are once again going to have to put in the leg work to get a fair deal, and let their purses do the talking," she said.

"There are cheaper servos to buy fuel in Bundaberg. If you can fill up for around 140c/L then you'll avoid getting punished at the bowser."

Even considering the rising global oil price, Ms Smith said there was still no reason for prices to have jumped so significantly in such a short amount of time.

"This is why we've been campaigning for mandatory real-time petrol price data, so regional Queensland drivers can hold their local service stations to account," she said.

The call for fairer fuel prices comes after opposition energy spokesman Michael Hart and Burnett MP Stephen Bennett met in Bundaberg last week to highlight the region's fuel price gouging issue.

Mr Hart told the NewsMail motorists in Bundaberg were still paying too much for fuel.

"Real-time fuel price monitoring works by making it law for fuel companies to publish daily prices, allowing motorists to vote with their feet and support the servos that offer the cheapest fuel," he said.

Mr Hart said NSW had already implemented the policy, with all fuel prices available through a mobile phone app, and it was time for Queensland to do the same.

This week's high fuel prices are in contrast to less than six months ago when costs were labelled "fair".

In November last year, the NewsMail reported Bundaberg was one of the "fairer" region's in Queensland for fuel costs, with prices at 133.9c/L, according to the RACQ.

The fair fuel price for Bundaberg is currently listed at 140.4c/L but yesterday Caltex Thabeban was listed at 145.9c/L, along with BP Barolin St and Caltex Woolworths in both Bundaberg and Bargara.

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