COVERED UP: A media-shy Percy Pashley, with his partner, leaves court.
COVERED UP: A media-shy Percy Pashley, with his partner, leaves court. Ross Irby

Percy flashes his pecker during henhouse squabble

PERCY Pashley has been caught flashing his pecker - popping it out of his undies during a verbal dispute with a neighbour over his back yard henhouse.

His neighbour quickly called out to a teenager to film the encounter on her mobile phone, so Pashley's brief act captured in footage and given to Bundaberg police.

Pashley, 42, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to wilfully doing an indecent act by exposing his genitals to offend Brett Hawting on January 5.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said Mr Hawting's back yard om Boundary backed on to Pashley's Franklin St back yard.

Snr Cnst Blunt said Pashley exposed himself in a verbal argument and the teen girl filmed him when he was animated and gesturing.

Pashley had made a masturbating gesture, pulled down his shorts, put his hand into his underwear and took out his penis.



When police spoke to Pashley he first denied the act, saying he had been drunk and only pulled up his shorts as they were falling down.He denied flashing any children.

Defence lawyer Gavin James said a chicken coop in Pashley's yard had caused the neighbour to make complaints and the council had been called.

"He had to move the chicken coop under council regulations, which he did," Mr James said.

Mr James described Pashley's acts as being "a momentary lapse of judgement".

"He is charged with an offence against an adult neighbour. There had been a disagreement, an altercation with the man and his (Pashley's) partner earlier in the day," he said.

Mr James conceded that given Pashley's level of prior offending a jail term was in range but Pashley had since curbed his behaviour and drinking.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said for reasons she did not understand, Pashley decided to expose his penis from in an argument over a chicken coop.

She accepted he was not aware a teenager had been there.

"You are a man with significant issues. Alcohol causes you to behave in a very anti-social way," Ms Merrin said.

"In February I sentenced you for public nuisance and obstructing a police officer when adversely affected by alcohol. This predates those offences."

Ms Merrin said he had been complying with his parole and she would not put him in custody.

She sentenced Pashley to six months jail, immediately released to parole.

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