Passengers have an important role to play in road safety

BEING a backseat driver could save your life.

Bundaberg's top cop is urging passengers to be proactive when the person behind the wheel is accelerating towards "bloody idiot" territory.

Queensland Police central region Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon said passengers had an important road safety role.

"If you look at the fatal five - speeding; seatbelt; fatigue; alcohol and drugs; and distraction and inattention - a passenger could influence a good outcome on every one of those," Mr Condon said.

"There's a high risk to the passenger if any one of those fatal five are not adhered to.

"I would say this is particularly important with fatigue management.

"Once you start blinking, those micro-seconds at 100kmh can turn into a disaster.

"So if you feel as though the driver has been driving for a while and is little less responsive, talk to them and get them to pull over and take a break."

Mr Condon, who oversees policing from the Sunshine Coast to Mackay, said fatigue was the main factor in crashes along the Bruce Hwy.

But mobile phones also played a part in some crashes.

"Sadly last year we lost a number of people who were actually using the mobile phone when they either had a head-on or wrapped themselves around a tree and killed themselves," he said.

Mr Condon said with 66% of the Bruce Hwy running across his region, there was a high focus on ensuring people drove to the conditions of roads.

"We have a lot of roadworks happening at the moment," he said.

"There is a tendency to try and blame the roadworks for accidents when in actual fact the simple message is drive to the road conditions."


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