New party to be formed

A NEW political party is being formed in Bundaberg with a different approach to the economy.

Paul Kosovic announced on Monday that he would be forming the PK New Democratic Party New Democratic Party (PKNDPNDP).

“It's more of a movement at the moment, I'm just trying to gauge is the interest,” he said.

“If there is enough support for the party I hope to take it further.

The PKNDPNDP is yet to be registered with the Australian Electoral Commission.

“I need 500 signatures before I can register the party with the electoral commission.

“That could take a week or it could take a few months.”

Mr Kosovic said the party's main policy would be the Principle of Infinite Wealth which is a belief that the state has always had an unlimited amount of money.

“It is very hard to understand when you have grown up being taught something which is different,” he said.

Mr Kosovic said the system works in that the government would go to the reserve whenever they needed money for a project.

“Through economic and social engineering trial and error the best implementation of the new economic system will be achieved,” he said.

“If for example if there is too much public anger where a policy has gone too far to one side appropriate adjustments will be made therefore we have a self regulating political economic system.”

Mr Kosovic said infrastructure would be its first project.

“If in government the first thing we would do is pay all the debt and then build roads through Australia to the best possible standards engineering can determine,” he said.

For more information contact Mr Kosovic on 4154 2534.

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