Paradise dam nearing capacity

PARADISE Dam is filling fast and is expected to reach maximum capacity by tomorrow.

SunWater spokesperson Glenn Pfluger said it would be the first time the impoundment had been full since works were completed in December 2005.

“Inflows caused by rainfall during the past two weeks will take the dam’s capacity to 300,000ML,” Mr Pfluger said.

“As a result of those rises, we’ve been able to tell our customers they’re going to get a 100% allocation.”

Isis Canegrowers chairman Joe Russo said local growers were thrilled by the news.

“Growers are now in the position to plan ahead,” he said.

“They can finish their current crops which are really powering on after all the rain.”

Mr Russo said the news had been a long time coming.

“The dam being full is something we have been waiting to hear since it was built,” he said.

“The timing is just right so hopefully the growers will be getting some good returns.”

Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers executive officer Peter Peterson said the growers he had spoken to about thewater allocations could not stop smiling.

“This is really going to set them up for the future,” he said.

“In recent times we have had less than good allocations so this is great.”

Mr Peterson said the news would secure people’s confidence in growing in Bundaberg and surrounding areas.

“This is good for people who are thinking about going ahead and growing,” he said.

“This will really secure every one’s confidence in the local industry.”

Mr Peterson said the news could also see an increase in employment in the region.

“Good crops will see the need for more help,” he said.

The Fred Haigh Dam is also on the rise and is sitting at almost 52 per cent of capacity.

The rainfall also leaves all weirs and barrages in the Burnett and Bundaberg region at capacity.

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